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Get To Know Us!

 Hello everyone!

 Pastor Tom here, it was my dads dream to start a cowboy church in Spokane. It was the beginning place of Trinity Cowboy Church in 2013. Over the last few years we have been so blessed to build relationships with so many cool and special people through our events, out reaches and services.

In this, our church has grown and continues to add those from the western community. Unfortunately being a cowboy church had an undesired consequence, many of those who attend our church meet others that need the love and support of our body and have been met with resistance. The resistance is a result of their not being Cowboys or directly connected to that community.

It is not nor has it been our intention to exclude anyone but some still feel that way. So to combat this we changed the name of our church from Trinity Cowboy Church to Limitless Spokane. The goal of the change is to be more inclusive of those outside the cowboy community. Hear us, we will never leave our roots of loving and supporting the western community. We will continue to do different events for those within the western community. Our only goal is to honor God and his Son Jesus Christ, to reach as many people possible loving them with the power of the Holy Spirit. Not because any of us are perfect and have it all together but we serve an awesome God and we want to be like him. The most important thing to him isn't cowboys, horses or rodeo but those people inside that community and out.

We are so excited to meet you, move forward in God's LIMITLESS love and acceptance for all, and grow in community as the Body of Christ!


Pastor Tom

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