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We live in a world where lines are being blurred, 30 years ago we saw men who loved and fought for their country, honored. Men who opened doors for women because they respected them and were taught to honor their mothers. They provided for their family's and prayed to God and for their country. When they made a commitment they kept it even when it wasn't in their favor.

Now the world has changed, men are taught to cry and to not ever speak anything contrary to culture even if it is wrong. Young men push in front of their mothers as they walk through a door. Right and wrong is a moving target and honor is a word associated with the past. Now we value street smarts, live in virtual reality's where do-overs come with a push of a button. Women are used and when they are no longer useful, they're cast aside and the hunt for an upgrade is on.

Have you ever wondered... What is real? Who is this Jesus guy and why did he die? Am I supposed to lead? How do I raise my kids in a world that won't allow me to discipline them? How do I elevate myself in the workplace and take better care of my family with enough left over to help someone in need? How do I maintain a marriage where 30 years from now I love my wife more than when we said I do. Is this all there is to life?

If these are questions that are in your mind and you want to hang out with men that are committed first to God. We might not have all the answers but are searching and growing then our men's ministry is for you.

We are committed to follow God and His Word. To lead in our homes, workplaces and communities. To commit our lives not for now but to live each day for eternity. We need you! Only together as we grow, support and encourage each other can we make a difference in our families communities and even across the world.

You were not created to fit in but to stand out as a son, a son of the most high. Come and meet with us Wednesday mornings and let's change the world together.

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