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  • What do I wear?
    Clothes! Anything that you're comfortable in. You'll see some people show up on a Sunday morning more dressed up, some people will be in jeans and a sweatshirt, and others will even join us in cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. We couldn't care less what you're wearing. We are just so happy to have you with us!
  • In attempt to be culteraly relevant, do you ever water-down the Bible?"
    No, God’s Word is our final authority. We never ignore truth because we want people to like us, but we do try to package truth within the language of our culture so that people can hear it in a way that makes sense and feels relevant to their lives. We use music, film and video that you might have seen online or have on your own playlist because we’re addressing the questions and thoughts already taking place in the cultural conversation. In our services, we hope you experience the message as much through the music and creative programming as through the speaker.
  • What denomination are you?
    We’re not part of any denomination. And we’re not the only Christians, we’re just a body of people committed to being the Church as described in the Bible. Basically, if the Bible says it, we teach it. All decisions about our church are made by Limitless leaders, and all of our finances go towards Limitless Spokane. All financial matters are overseen by a Board of Directors, and our financial books are open to anyone who inquires.
  • Will you ask for my money?
    We do give our offering every week, but it’s not for people who are checking out faith or the church. Limitless is supported financially by the people who have chosen to make it their church home. You won’t find us trying to squeeze cash out of you every time you walk through the door. Giving should never flow out of compulsion or guilt, but rather out of desire to love God and be a part of what He’s doing in and through the church. We also see giving as a form of worship and believe that it is 100% between you and God.
  • What happens to the money people give?
    Limitless is committed to being wise stewards of the financial gifts entrusted to us. Not only do we provide a facility and staff, we are committed to meeting needs in our community and around the world. Our books are open for anyone to view. You can make an appointment with one of our leaders by emailing us at
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